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Christa Mackinnon

Amy Dix

Emily Stroia

Rebecca Weiner

Steve Farber

Kimberly Crowe

Jette Stubbs

Acurda Melchizedek

Jamie Chandler

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About Your Host:

Kim Lyday, MA, MT-BC, HC is a Holistic Healing Coach, board-certified music therapist, and woman on a mission to help awakening women creatives all over the world shift from feeling stuck in a mediocre life to discovering who they are at the soul level, and fully embodying their power and abundance.

She’s spent over a decade in the personal development industry and uses energy work, music therapy, and mindset coaching to guide others to find meaning in their lives and breakthrough personal blocks so they can take the next step on their path, create lasting change, and realize their dreams.

She believes that love (as an energetic frequency and more!) really is all you need, and stands for a world with more acceptance, empowerment, and faith. She loves singing, drumming, being in nature, reading, meditating, and playing with her 4 year old daughter.

Find out more about Kim and her mission at http://HolisticHealingCoaching.com.

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